Who We Are

HealthInsuranceDirect.com ® is a consulting firm specializing in Small and Large Group employee benefits, Individual Insurance and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in our specialty. We utilize our 31 years of financial planning and employee benefit consulting experience, to help our clients in all industries structure and implement sound employee benefit and Individual Insurance strategies that are cost-effective and people driven.

Our fundamental purpose is to provide “State Of The Art” employee benefit consultation, products and services to our customers. To be a dependable source of accurate information from which our customers are able to implement sound cost-effective employee benefit plans for their employees.

 Our mission is to make doing business with any other insurance broker unacceptable for those business owners and individuals who value honesty, moral integrity, dedication, personal service and dependability.

 Our Business Ethics

HealthInsuranceDirect.com ® is dedicated to conducting business honestly and ethically wherever and whenever we operate. We live up to this commitment, by formalizing these principles in our Code of Business Conduct. We will always conduct business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness and are committed to render that service to our customers which, in the same circumstances, we would demand by reason, ourselves.

Our Basic Business Principles

Principle #1Our work must help you succeed or we fail.
You come first. We will strive always to exceed your expectations in our efforts to contribute to your success.

Principle #2 — We develop long-term client relationships.
We can best help you by using a long-term perspective when focusing on your current situations and needs. We believe our customers will judge us buy our added-value services and commitment to their company.

Principle #3 — We must always operate as a well-managed business. To serve our clients optimally, we must always operate our business efficiently and without waste.

Principle #4 — We will always provide products and services without vender bias. As a privately owned consulting firm, we are free from outside corporate influence — this enables a sharper client focus that allows us to better serve the independent needs of our clients.

Our Consulting Values

We are completely independent.
We are an owner-controlled benefit-consulting firm. We believe this affords us the freedom and objectivity to deliver the best services and products to our clients.

We judge our success by your success.
After all, we are in business to help you improve your business.

We consistently invest in building and sharing our knowledge.
As consultants we build and share our knowledge on the latest benefit trends relative to your business planning horizons and we accept the responsibility to keep you informed.

Our Consulting Style

We “listen” — getting to know you, your team and your company, and giving you the opportunity to know us.

We “learn” — understanding your needs and what you’re trying to achieve.

We “explore” — testing alternatives to identify the most effective way to achieve your employee benefit objectives, consistently evaluating how best to support the human value of your company.

We “resource” — bringing together consultants with the right mix of skills and experience — and the right array of tools — to work with you on any human resource objective

We “measure” — by establishing a clear set of desired outcomes we track progress against those objectives clearly set-forth in your human resource agenda.

Our Client Relationship and Focus

Our purpose is — to focus on you and your company and then deliver what you need. The process begins with an interactive discovery session designed to understand your employee benefit objectives.

Once the discovery process is complete, we then assemble a strategic team drawn from the breadth of our business and consulting experience to address those Human Resource and Employee Benefit objectives outlined by you and your company during our discovery meetings.