When we think of health insurance (especially in the USA) we always think of the same thing, being able to pay extortion-like hospital fees without having to sell the arm and leg you just had fixed. In the most basic sense health insurance is a promise to pay for health services, this is usually done by health insurance providers. By offering to pay for your health care fees when needed health insurance companies require an exchange to take place with their customers, this occurs as a monthly premium.

Health insurance provides numerous types of coverage for hospital visitations, emergency room visits, overnight stays, visits to the doctor, and other medical expenses. Health insurance is simply insurance against losses caused by sickness and injury.

There are many different types of policies which vary by what they offer to cover, the sizes of the copays or deductibles, coverage limitations, and the treatment options that they provide to all policy holders,

Health insurance can be purchased by an individual or an employer, not to mention there are also other programs for special needs individuals. Medicare as well as Medicaid programs offer insurance to the elderly, un-insured, and disabled while guaranteed-issue health insurance providers basic medical expense coverage for those who have pre-existing conditions and may very well be turned down for normal major-medical health insurance.

Here at health insurance direct  we offer you health insurance plans from the following carriers: Anthem: Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, Pacificare, United Health One.