About Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)
When shopping for Medicare Supplement insurance, you should first understand completely how Medicare works. Since Medicare does not cover all health care expenses, Medicare supplement insurance is sold as supplemental health insurance for Medicare recipients. There are a number of gaps in Medicare coverage, so this Medicare supplement insurance is often known as Medigap. Medicare supplement insurance is not a federal program like Medicare. Although health insurance companies provide Medicare supplement insurance coverage, they are strictly regulated by both the federal and state government.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance vs. Medicare
If you have Medicare, you may want to purchase Medicare supplement insurance in order to ensure that unexpected medical expenses are more fully covered. Unfortunately, many consumers who rely on Medicare do not understand the difference between the Medicare program and Medicare supplement insurance. Before you purchase a plan, make sure you understand all the different components of Medicare and what your coverage includes. Once you understand that, you than pick a Medicare supplement plan that best closes the gaps in your health care coverage.