Shopping Online for Life Insurance:
Going online to shop for Life Insurance is, in our opinion, simply not the most prudent wat to buy a Life Insurance Policy. Some radio commentators will tell you that you should only buy a “Term Life Insurance Policy”. This position overlooks the potential need for a Benefit When You Die. With a Term Life Insurance Policy if you die outside the term period; (10 Yr, 15 Yr, 20 Yr, etc.)  your family will get ZERO! Think about this; if the insurance carrier approves you for a Term Life Policy the Odds are that the insurance carrier is relatively sure that you will not die during the term period.

So, is shopping for Life Insurance Online always a bad idea? No. But you should not limit your planning options.

Regarding Rates:
Every licensed insurance broker has access to same rates and carriers. Going direct to a carrier does not guarantee the lowest rates. Why? State insurance law prevents an insurance carrier from selling a policy at a lower rate than they offer to an insurance broker. Invest 15 minutes and give me a call at +1 (800) 770-1694. You will not regret the call.